Joy Ena is a soul and funk singer-songwriter of great quality. She’s well known for her sensual and portentous voice, full of nuances, as well as a wide vocal range and a very special voice. She has classical touch in her treble like Aretha Franklin, great power and deepness in her bass like Nina Simone and a modern melody like Adele.  In addition, she creates great impacts with her wide creativity, energy, movements, image, originality and her wonderful performance on stage.

Each composition of Joy Ena, tells or has a story behind. It also transmits a message and expresses both her feelings and that of other people. Joy is based on why talk about it, when you can sing it. So she summarizes those stories and feelings in a song of approximately 3 – 4 minutes, singing about happiness, perseverance, love and mostly about the search for balance and getting to be one’s self. They are songs that make you reason, dance, excited motivated and enjoy.

Joy Ena is a great music lover and professional with loveliness. She’s a powerhouse.



Raised in an artistic environment and nurtured with Gospel music, made JOY ENA to discover a whole hidden art from her when she was only five years old.

After her experience, presence and immense energy in the great black music scene, the Soul & Funk singer-songwriter, who started composing songs at the age of fourteen, decides to share and enjoy all her art and message with the world. Addressing those people who live, taste and enjoy listening to music deep in their soul, creating unique and magical experiences.

«Soul music lifts the soul to a heaven of its own and funk brings the body back to earth.»

Have you ever heard of «New Funky-Soul»?
well here is its IMAGE, its VOICE and its SOUND: